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Taylor, Kelsea, and Desirea

at UCA College Camp!

All CVP alumni!


Alumni/Coach Mia (Right)

working for UCA

at High School Nationals



Thank you for

coming to CVP!


2009 - 2010 CVP Competition Results

Date Competition Senior 4 Senior 3 Junior 2 Youth 1 Notes
Dec 5, 2009 Spirit Unlimited, Hartford, CT
1st 1st 1st Did not compete
  • Junior 2 won Best Stunts
  • Senior 4 won Best Pyramids
  • Senior 4 won paid bid to US Finals
Jan 9 & 10, 2010
Spirit Fest, Uncasville, CT
1st  1st  1st  2nd
  • Senior 4 nominated for Best Stunts and Best Choreography with Level 4 and Level 5 teams
  • Senior 3 nominated for Best Choreography
Jan 23, 2010 Jam Live!, Hartford, CT  1st  1st  1st  1st
  • Senior 4 won division Grand Champions, Celebrity "Diva" award, and had the highest score of the competition for all teams at all levels
  • Senior 3 won division Grand Champions and Celebrity "Finale" award
  • Junior 2 won division Grand Champions
  • Youth 1 won division Grand Champions
  • Tiffany P. awarded a Celebrity "Spotlight" award for individual excellence
  • All teams received paid bids to the US Finals
 Feb 13, 2010

Blue Blizzard Championships, Plainville, CT

Exhibition Exhibition Exhibition Exhibition
  • Competition co-hosted by CVP and Plainville High School
  • All teams put on exhibition routines and WOWED the Crowd.
 Feb 21, 2010
Cheersport Championships, Springfield, MA
 1st 1st
Did not compete
  • Senior 3 won Best of the Best for Level 3
  • SR3 and SR4 also GRAND CHAMPS of their divisions.
 Feb 28, 2010
Quinnipiac Challenge, Hamden, CT
  1st  1st
  • Senior 4 won Best Choreography
  • Youth 1 won Best Spirit
March 13, 2010
NCA Big Apple, NYC
  1st   1st   1st  1st 
  • Junior 2 won Best Choreography
  • Senior 4 won Best Partner Stunts and were Grand Champions of the competition (best score for all competing teams)
  • Senior 3 & Senior 4 All Levels Paid Bids
March 27, 2010
NECA Championships, Kingston, RI
 5th 1st
  • Senior 3 paid bid to NECA NFL Pro Bowl Camp
  • Lots of CVP cheerleaders individually selected for NECA NFL Pro Bowl Camp
April 3, 2010
UCDF Championships, Providence, RI
 1st 2nd 2nd   Did not compete
  • Senior 4 won Grand Champions for all level 4 teams
  • Senior 4 won paid bid to All Levels Championship
  • Mariah G. won one of five individual scholarships
April 11, 2010
Xtreme Cheer, New Haven, CT
  • Senior 3 won Grand Champions for all level 3 teams
  • Senior 4 won Grand Champions for all level 4 teams
April 17, 2010 US Finals, Orlando, FL 1st  1st   1st Did not compete
  • World Champs. Senior 4 highest score of entire day!!!