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Taylor, Kelsea, and Desirea

at UCA College Camp!

All CVP alumni!


Alumni/Coach Mia (Right)

working for UCA

at High School Nationals



Thank you for

coming to CVP!


General Questions

General Questions

Q. What is an All-Star team?

All-Star teams are made up of kids from area towns that compete against other all-star teams in and out of state. They do not cheer at games, instead the teams practice and attend cheerleading competition events where they are ranked against other all-star teams of the same age and level.


Q. What cheer teams are available?

We have full-year and half-year teams for athletes of all ages! 


Q. When should I plan on joining the gym and trying out for a team?

Normal evaluations for full-year teams are in May. Signs ups are in April. However, we are always looking for additions to our family!

Please email or call 860-793-1287 to let us know if you would like to be evalauted for a CVP team. Please leave your childs age and past cheer experience and phone number where we can reach you. Thanks!


Q. When are practices for CVP Teams?

Team practices for the summer are weekday nights and each team meets once a week June -Aug. Starting in September-May practices are nights and weekends. The online Event Calendar is always up to date regarding practice dates and times.  Practices are mandatory.


Q. My child participates in a Pop Warner, youth, or high school program. Can he/she do CVP as well?

Yes!  Children that participate in Pop Warner and youth programs are allowed to participate on all-star teams after their season is complete. High School cheerleaders would need to work out a schedule with their coaches.


Q. What is the inclement weather cancellation policy?

Please check channel 8 for "CVP CHEER". Please read ALL the closings. They are in alphabetical order, but are in order as they are received. It could take up to 15 mins for it to be listed on the TV. Also, please call the gym. An outgoing message will be on the gym phone 860-793-1287, at least 1 1/2 hours before a practice. Also, an email or text message will be sentl. Also team parents might be calling, so check your cell phone messages. Competitions are NEVER cancelled due to bad weather.

Any cancellations due to inclement weather will also be posted prominently on the CVP web site also.


Q. Are Camps, Gymnastics Classes, Private Gymnastic's available to the public?

CVP has many classes, camps and private gymnastic lessons offered to the public and CVP Members. Please see the events calendar for days and times for camps. "A" is Advance and "B" is Beginner camps or classes available. Private gymnastics are one on one time with a gymnastic instructor. Please call the gym for more details about camps, gymnastic classes, cheer skill classes or private gymnatics. 860-793-1287 email: