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Taylor, Kelsea, and Desirea

at UCA College Camp!

All CVP alumni!


Alumni/Coach Mia (Right)

working for UCA

at High School Nationals



Thank you for

coming to CVP!


Directions To CVP

CVCTC/CVP mailing address is PO Box 195 Plainville, CT 06062. Our facility address is located at 30G Hayden Ave Plainville, CT 06062.

Although CVP is located at 30 Hayden Ave in Plainville, CT, the easiest way to get to the gym is to GPS 9 Grace Ave. Once you get to 9 Grace Ave continue till the road ends in front of a building. CVP i located to the right in a beige and green trim building.

In the attached map below, the "A" marker is Elvis Pizza.  CVP is in the long white building that runs north to south, just left of center in the image.

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